brand identity

Snor Publishers established in 2006 focused on women in a repetitive routines from cleaning, to working, raising children, looking into the mirror, hair dyeing or shopping for groceries; in acknowledging that life isn't easy for woman of a 'certain age'. They were motivated to nudge these into a more cheerful direction by providing them with beautiful, funny and sunny books to read.

For years they where a publisher, but secretly they were more than that, so the first step in their evolving was to call identify Snor as a lifestyle brand. The communication platform we made tells this story of Snor is as best friend, as they are experts within their target group.

We developed a dynamic brand identity that consisted of several playful and colourful elements used in a variety combinations. The concept behind the illustrations is that when something is mirrored symmetrically it becomes like a Snor (moustache).