Tactility and Material

With everything driving more & more to digital No Office hasn't forgotten about the real world, we have a great love and appreciation for quality print work, with vast experience in all aspects of print design, we also keep up to date with all the latest techniques, materials and always look to create both the best and most unique product possible. 

From packaging, to books, to exhibition/spatial design, we embrace the tactile world and enjoy creating concepts & designs there, just as much as we like experimenting in the digital world.

Tactility and material play a big role in printed communication and can really add to the look and literal feel of a brand. With printing becoming more and more exclusive, we believe it is essential that when you choose to create a physical product it has to be of the highest quality and made with great attention for detail.

We work from the idea that both online and offline communication have their strengths and always choose the right medium according to the project. When possible we see to it that online and offline both compliment and reinforce each other.